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*Blah Blah* [14 Sep 2005|10:15am]
[ mood | bored ]

Yeah I know I said I was gunna fix that other one but I don't feel like it anymore...Just a regular old update coming up...


Ummm it was pretty normal...At lunch we didn't have a ride so me, Chelle Pooh, Hailey Bun, Tash Tash, and Tasha Washa all walked to Howard's and got something to drink or whatever. Kyle and Raevyn pulled up and they gave us a ride back to school. The rest of the day was boring...After school I went home and then Kari and Chelle Pooh came to get me and we went to Kyle's to pick up Britton cuz he had an interview at Brookshire's cuz he's a loser and quit Dairy Queen. Hailey had told me at school that she was gunna get Britton to take her straight home so she could go to sleep but she was over at Britton's when we got there waiting on her dad to come get her. We went to Chelle's and chilled with Britton when he got back. He's prolly gunna get the job he said. Then we went to Hailey's cuz her dad was bein a retard...not gunna go into detail on that cuz I don't know if she would want me to or not! =) Went back to Chelle's and Granny came to get me to take me to the Tuesday night church thing. When I got in the car Granny told  me that Sue(1) (Hailey's MiMi) and Sue(2) (Hailey's MoM) had called her to see if she was feeling better and done throwin up...And she was like what the hell? And Hailey had told her mom and everyone that the reason she didn't want to go home with me was cuz Granny had been throwing up all night and she didn't want to catch it. I didn't exactly get pissed but I really really didn't appreciate it very much. I told Granny to tell her mom that if she doesn't want to come to my house after school anymore then just tell her that she doesn't have to cuz I don't want her to feel obligated to be at my house cuz that just makes me mad....The church thing was cool I talked to Addie about a lot of funny stuff! LOL! =) Then I went home and talked to Chelle on the phone and Orenzo and I layed down and felt sick so I told Zo that I was about to go throw up and go to bed...haha it sucked...

Today: (so far)

Ummm, this morning NOBODY was here! Hailey and Tasha had already left with Dustin and Chelle wasn't here yet...First period was easy...Finished my test and did some vocab. Second period was fun. I talked to Matt at the end of class and he is gunna give me a present Friday before I go to work! =) YAY! Now I am in third period with Amber Lowry and she has really been getting on my nerves lately! FOR REALS AHHHHHH!!!!! Later on today I gotta go to church and get Orenzo's laundry so I can do it for him so he wont stink! ;-)

That's all for now folks...

Holla later...

I love THE girls!

I miss Mana F'N Sue!

I love Orenzo!


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[30 Jun 2005|10:59pm]

Comment to Be Added!!

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